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Outta The Park EXTRAOutta The Park Extra
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Outta The Park Extra is our members only sports show. An extension of Outta The Park,
Extra allows members the opportunity to interact closer with the athletes we feature.
Many times, questions from our listeners are the only questions we ask in a Q/A with an athlete.
Further, our members are entered into contests and giveaways for tickets and merchandise.

OTP Extra airs every Wednesday.

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Outta The Park Sessions
Outta the park


Outta The Park Sessions is a music/entertainment podcast that focuses on talent from throughout 
North America. Label acts, indie artists, actors and more are given the mic and allowed to enlighten
our listeners with stories many have never heard. 

Outta The Park Sessions is the home of Crazy News, a twist on a weekly news segment.

OTP SESSIONS airs every Friday.
Outta The Park EXTRAOutta The Park Extra
Nsr Media presents


Buy The Numbers is the NSR Media Network's daily fantasy sports podcast. Paul Bruno and
Barry Davis details the strategies to win and which players to pick for the best chance for success.
BUY THE NUMBERS airs every Thursday.

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NSR Media is A Canadian Independent Media group

NSR Media produces Outta The Park with Barry Davis, We Ain't Petty band and handles all media & booking inquires for Barry Davis.

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I was born in Hialeah, Florida, but my roots were firmly planted in Canada and it's been my home since moving to the GTA when I was three.

My mom was born and raised in Illinois and my dad was a Toronto kid. They both pursued their show business dreams and met while performing on the same bill; Mom was a dancer and Dad a singer. No doubt my passion for entertaining stemmed from this. From singing along to Mom's Tom Jones records, with a dog leash as a mic, to perusing the playground with a tape
recorder interviewing other kids, I think my career path was determined at a very young age.

By the time I was 17, I was singing and playing bass in my first band, but when the dream of being a rock star died, I went back to school and studied Radio Broadcasting at Humber College.

In the spring of 1992 I got my first job, as a technical operator at CJCL1430 (Now the Fan590). After nearly 10 years there, covering just about every sport, I moved on to the now defunct Team1050.

In 1994, I married my partner in crime and love of my life and we were blessed with a son in 2000.

TV was always something I aspired to and in 2002 I landed my dream job as Leafs reporter at Sportsnet. After covering hockey and basketball I eventually ended up spending most of my 14 years there covering the sport I love the most, baseball. I have had so many career highlights, most notably having the opportunity to be there during the Jays pennant races of 2015 and 2016. To be present as Jose Bautista bat flipped his way into Blue Jays lore and the experience of champagne celebrations were unforgettable.

These days, with the loving support of my wife and son, I am experiencing the best of all worlds; hosting the Outta the Park podcast, singing and playing guitar in We Ain’t Petty: A tribute to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, and acting in TV commercials and shows.

A new episode of Outta the Park is posted every Sunday and can be downloaded on Soundcloud, Itunes and Google-Play


A professional drummer, educator, hip-hop artist and podcast producer, Matt busies himself being creative while changing diapers.

He’s toured throughout Canada with independent artists, played the GTA’s hotspots and been in and out of the recording studio for over a decade. He currently occupies the drummers chair in “We Ain’t Petty,” Barry Davis’ Tom Petty tribute band.

On Outta The Park he's antagonistic, quick to laugh, sharp witted and filled with query. He comes armed with a cornucopia of useless information.

When he's not derailing Barry's train of thought he's cutting audio and video for the show and scouring the inter-web for pertinent topics of interest.

Matt's purview is filtered through the eyes of a husband and father.

He has a passion for working with children and facilitates percussion events in the Peel School Board.  Matt is a member of Envirodrum, a percussion based ensemble that promotes  recycling. The ensemble has played to over 300 schools and corporate events. He maintains a roster of over 60 drum students and specializes in prepping young drummers for Regional Arts based high schools.

Matt the Producer is a published author of The Drum Kit Method and a proud member of Sabian’s Private Educator team.

Barry Davis
host of outta the park
Matt The Producer
Barry Davis
Matt The Producer
Drummer with We Ain't Petty

Outta the park podcast

Weekly Podcast released Sunday's at 6:00pm Eastern Time

YouTube Videos Available:
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  2. Outtakes and Bloopers
  3. Promotional spots
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Do you Want to see some of Barry's adventures?

Pictures from the Outta The Park podcast, and Barry’s time covering the Toronto Blue Jays Baseball Club


Want to know a few random facts about Barry? Well here are 4 things we’ve learned from the show

That Barry does not like snakes.... Like Indiana Jones afraid of snakes.
Barry used to have long hair and a PERM!
Barry has 11 tattoos
One thing Barry cannot stand is pineapple on his pizza. Like he LOATHES IT

outta the park articles

Blogs tethered to events described in the Outta The Park podcast

Blue Jay Pride
Tyson Shushkewich
August 18, 2018

I have been a Blue Jays fan since I was ten years old. Being in my early twenties, there are many people who were fans before I was. I still remember my first ever Blue Jays jersey, black with Marco Scutaro’s name on it, and the last person to wear number 19 before the beloved Jose years.

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Jesse Barfield - The Real Hero
Jennifer Carter
August 13, 2018

I was getting ready for bed one night in January and was flipping through Twitter. I saw an exchange between my uncle, (the one who took me and my brother to games all through our child and teen years) and Jesse Barfield.

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Setting Priorities
Jeremy Bell
August 9, 2018

“This team is terrible!”“I can’t believe I paid money to watch a bullpen day!”“Fire this management team, they don’t know what they are doing….”

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