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Jen Parizeau

Jen Parizeau

I.T Lead

Jen was born and raised in Sarnia, ON. She has over 12 years of experience in the IT field. Her specialty is in networking and systems administration. She’s spent many years climbing towers and installing wireless networks across Ontario.

Jen was unknowingly one of the founders of Outta the Park. She followed Barry on Twitter for years as a fan of Blue Jays baseball. After Barry left Sportsnet, several of his followers suggested he start his own podcast, at which point Barry responded, “I’d love to but I wouldn’t know how.”

This is where Jen stepped in and commented, “It’s really not that hard to do.” Next thing she knew, Matt MacFarland had
sent her a DM asking her questions related to podcasts, broadcasting, etc… two days later she was talking and texting with both Barry and Matt and in less than a week, the first episode of Outta the Park went live.

Jen has been on the OTP ground floor since its inception and continues to spend as much time as possible contributing to the show, whether it be proofing promos or remoting into Barry’s PC to
fix his various problems. She’s in it for the long haul!