Matt McFarland

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Matt The Producer

Matt “The Producer” McFarland

Producer and Co-Host

A professional drummer, educator, hip-hop artist and podcast producer, Matt busies himself being creative while changing diapers.

He’s toured throughout Canada with independent artists, played the GTA’s hotspots and been in and out of the recording studio for over a decade. He currently occupies the drummer’s chair in “We Ain’t Petty,” Barry Davis’ Tom Petty tribute band.

On Outta The Park he’s antagonistic, quick to laugh, sharp-witted and filled with query. He comes armed with a cornucopia of useless information.

When he’s not derailing Barry’s train of thought he’s cutting audio and video for the show and scouring the inter-web for pertinent topics of interest.

Matt’s purview is filtered through the eyes of a husband and father.

He has a passion for working with children and facilitates percussion events in the Peel School Board. Matt is a member of Envirodrum, a percussion-based ensemble that promotes recycling. The ensemble has played to over 300 schools and corporate events. He maintains a roster of over 60 drum students and specializes in prepping young drummers for Regional Arts based high schools.

Matt the Producer is a published author of The Drum Kit Method and a proud member of Sabian’s Private Educator team.