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If you already love Outta The Park, but have yearned for more of an inside look into the show, a membership is for you. Starting Nov. 1, some of the content that is currently being offered will be made available to members only. As NSR Media's podcast menu broadens, members will have a larger array of audio to choose from. THE OFFICE PROPHET, THE CHEAP SEATS (A minor league podcast) and many more shows are set to be rolled out over the next year. Members will have access to all of them.


Our wonderful sponsors have been gracious enough to donate merchandise specifically tailored to our fanbase. Event tickets (sports, music, theatre, etc.), sport water and apparel are all prizes that members have a chance to win in our monthly giveaways. All you have to do is become a member and you're automatically entered.


THE LEAST YOU NEED TO KNOW: Members get all the switches flipped. Trust us, they're GREAT SWITCHES.

How does this change Outta The Park?

It doesn't... Not in the slightest. Every Sunday, Outta The Park will roll out a new episode, for FREE. However, starting Nov. 1, MIDWEEK will become a members only show. In the months that follow, brand new NSR Media content will begin to roll out. Members will have access to all of it.


We've seen that Outta The Park has resonated with people. Instead of "a show and its listeners" why not make "a team and its players." We'd love to have you on the team.

Many, many warm regards,

Barry and Matt.

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