Outta The Park Ep. 90, Dec 29, 2018 - Guest - JP Ricciardi

By: admin. Posted in: Outta the Park(Episodes) on December 30, 2018

Sinking ships and headlocks in the Blue Jays Clubhouse. JP Ricciardi, former GM for your Toronto Blue Jays, stops by to chat with Barry and Matt about his time with the Jays, his impressions of Toronto and where he’s headed. Did he want to be a GM? How did he find his way to Toronto? The guys discuss the hiring of John Gibbons, his title as a “players manager” and we learn that JP is headed to a new place of employment for the 2019 season. Let just say things are about to get sunny. Canadian moneyball and payroll are also areas that the guys spend some time touching on. JP’s a hell of a quote and we LOVE it. Ask Barry Davis discusses nicknames of MLB managers and getting hit in the junk and the after effects of such trauma. Fast food and turtles all feature. The First Pitch touches on an article from the Globe and Mail that deals with the current situation concerning Marcus Stroman. Is he not a fit in the Blue Jays clubhouse? Does management want to move on from him? The results of the Fair or Foul Poll deal with our listeners thoughts on the Stroman topic. All that and much more. Break out the Massachusetts accent and get ready for some stories. Listen On SoundCloud

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