November 27, 2017

9 Reasons Baseball Wins My Heart

Since you’re reading this on the Outta the Park blog, it’s safe to say you’re a baseball fan. What, though, drew you to the game in the first place?

I’ll tell you what drew me to the sport: here are some of my favourite things about the Grand Old Game.

1. You can see the emotion. Unlike hockey or football, baseball players don’t wear face-covering helmets or masks, which makes it much easier to appreciate their raw feelings in the moment. You can almost see the twinkle in their eyes when they realize they’ve hit their first MLB home run or sense their controlled fury at a debatable strike call. In these instances, it’s easy to feel connected to the players.

2. It’s all about the skill. Unless you’re watching a particularly heated game (often involving the Yankees or the Red Sox!), baseball is a contact-free sport. You don’t see cross-checking, and fighting is rare. For me, this keeps the focus on the game itself, rather than on the attempts at physical intimidation or outright goonery.

3. Anything can happen. Baseball seems to feature plays and situations that blow your mind. Whether it’s an inside the park home run or Chris Coghlan’s Cirque du Soleil-style acrobatics at home plate, or head scratching “what’s the rule for that again?” play, you have to be ready for out-of-the-blue plays.

4. It’s accessible. Baseball is one of the more affordable sports for kids to play today since it requires minimal equipment and no ice time. It’s also more accessible for fans at the major-league level: tickets can often be found as low as under $10 per game. This makes the stadium feel like it’s filled with true fans versus corporate season ticket holders and suits.

5. There are so many games. With 162 games per season, there’s no shortage of baseball to watch. Having something to tune into most days between April and October means almost continual entertainment.


6. There are games within games. Baseball is complex and, at any given time, there’s so much going on. There are battles between the pitcher and hitter, sneaky communications between the catcher and pitcher, subtle defensive positioning in the infield and outfield, and offensive plays like stealing bases. Each inning is a mini-game in and of itself, making it highly stimulating and nuanced.

7. You’re always learning. No matter how many games I watch, I always learn something new, see a play I’ve never seen before, or pick up on a new rule. Did you know that there are 23 ways to get a player on first base? Or that there are 15 ways to balk? Me neither! Read more interesting rules and quirks right here.

8. It brings people together. Whether it’s the accessibility of the game, the sheer number of games, its rich history or any one of a number of other factors, baseball brings people together. I talk baseball with my 81-year-old grandfather and my 16-year-old cousin. It’s brought together an Outta the Park family of Jays fans from across the globe. That unity is one of my absolute favourite things about sports in general and baseball in particular.

9. There’s symbolism. One of the first things that caught my attention when learning about the sport is the darn number nine. Nine players in the starting lineup, nine players on the field per team, nine innings per game, 90 feet of distance between bases. Just cool.

And in honour of that lucky number nine, we’ll end the list right here.

Leave a comment below with what you love most about the game – we’d love to hear it!

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