November 30, 2017

A Love Letter From Mexico

In August I had the pleasure of communicating with Carlos Guerrero.  Carlos DM’d me over Twitter at the suggestion of one of our loyal listeners.

He told me was a life-long Blue Jays fan and that he was about to embark on a journey to visit Canada and the Rogers Centre, in an effort to live a dream ; to see the Blue Jays play LIVE on their home turf.

I recommended that he come on Jays Fans Across The Globe and, as I usually do, asked that he email me his story so that Barry would have some background info to help with the interview.  What Carlos emailed me is contained within the text below. It’s heartwarming and wonderful.

Read the email and then listen to Ep. 24 of Outta The Park here.

The Universe came into alignment and afforded Barry the opportunity to interview Carlos at the game.  If you don’t believe in fate, this story goes a long way to shaking your beliefs.

What you’ll hear is the voice of a grown man, shaking with delight, as he sat within the confines of a real-life dream coming true.  Pretty fantastic stuff.

Carlos, thanks for making us part of your journey.

We are honoured.

Here’s the email…

“ Hi Matt, this is my story:

My father, a man that in his childhood was very poor, learned to play baseball in his town, a town that, in that time (60’s), was 9 hours from Mexico city by bus (now 5 hours). He had to move to the city because he needed a job but he never forgot his love for baseball. He found the place were baseball was practiced and there he met my mom.

I was born in 1983, I’m the youngest and the only man, so my father was very glad. He taught me his love for the game, the rules and plays when I was just  7 years old. In 1991, after learning how to throw, catch and bat, I started watching games…the series was the Toronto Blue Jays vs Minnesota Twins (ALCS). I liked the Blue Jays logo, decided that were my team and I recorded all the blue jays players in my mind.

In 1992, I watched a lot of games on TV. Unfortunately, the Jays weren’t broadcasted in Mexico, but I continued learning about baseball and looked for every comment about the Jays, to know their record and the scores (there was no  internet). I remember that, at the beginning of the games the standings were shown so I knew about my Jays. I was angry because Gruber was traded, and at 8 years old kid searched the market for Blue Jays gear – I didn’t find anything. I supported without wearing any gear during the World Series Championship years. Even during the lockout in 1994. A dream was seeded in my mind, to suppor the jays in the skydome.

In 2009 I got my american VIsa, so I organized my trip to NY when the Jays were there.

26 years have passed, I’ve followed the team all these years, getting happy when the drought came to an end and now, despite the awful season, I will be near my team in Toronto.

Today I feel nervous , let’s see what happens on monday.

Hope I can meet the players, my tickets are in section 127R row 12 seat 5.

Thanks for everything.

Carlos Guerrero.”

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