June 21, 2018

A Part Of The Team

About this time last year Matt wrote a blog about the Roberto Alomar Golf Classic.  Don’t let that deter you from reading mine though, because this will be good too.

I can pinpoint when I started to follow Barry Davis on twitter.  I had just been to Cleveland in 2016 to watch the Jays play the Indians.  It was Sunday and I was back at my mom’s place just outside of Erie, PA after the game and I was eating dinner and reading Barry’s twitter feed as he and his cameraman made their way back from Cleveland.  It took them forever.  I mean, I went back to my mom’s place, packed up, ate dinner, and drove the three hours home and I don’t think they’d even crossed the border yet.  It was what seemed like an epic journey.  And Barry did a Q&A the whole way home.  It was the original #AskBarryDavis.

When I heard that he wasn’t going to be with Sportsnet anymore, I was bummed.  Ever since that twitter Q&A he was my favourite reporter on the Blue Jays beat.  When it was announced that he was going to have a podcast, I was really excited and I listened from the first week.  Somehow, over time, I got involved.  I’ve taken a few social media marketing classes and Barry & Matt asked me if I’d mind punching up their tweets.  It’s evolved somewhat since then, in fact I didn’t write tweets for long.  I don’t know exactly how that happened – but if I had to guess, it’s because I have opinions and I can’t keep them to myself.  My experience two Fridays ago makes me incredibly glad that I can’t.

I went with Barry & Matt to “The Alomar Sports Golf Classic presented by Budweiser”, I’m fairly certain they didn’t really need me there, but there I was!  (Actually, I was invaluable during the tent raising portion of the day – I also brought the sunscreen)  If you’ve seen video from that day and think to yourself ‘Self…who the heck took this shaky video?’  The answer is: me!

What a day it was.  It was a little overwhelming to start with, but I think after filming the Jason Grilli interview, I settled down a little bit. I mean, sure… I grew up watching many of these guys on TV, but they’re just guys.  As my father would say…they put their pants on one leg at a time like everyone else.

Highlight of the day for me?  There’s more than one…obviously.

From a serious baseball perspective – I think Mike Timlin. What an interesting interview.  It hasn’t aired yet, but when it does…make sure you listen to it, it’s fascinating.

From a comedic standpoint – The interview with George Bell, Barry jokes about the interview being 90 seconds…it’s slightly longer, but what you don’t know is that he gave me crap for that after they stopped recording! Apparently I was meant to cut him off at a minute and a half.  Oops…  Also, meeting Tanyon Sturtz.  That guy is a party.

It was really great to see the relationship these Blue Jays greats have with Barry, the stories from Fantasy Camp they told all talked about what great heart he has, which of course we as listeners all know.  I also want to point out, because he’s always saying “what did I do to deserve this?”….that the Blue Jays alumni that had met Matt before were all genuinely happy to see him there, and they joked with him as easily as they did with Barry.

Thank you Barry and Matt for letting me tag along!

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