April 15, 2018

Arkells: Canada’s Music Olympians


I am a strange choice to be writing a blog post about a music group.

I mainly listen to classical music, though I do love other music.  But I don’t know who sings what or what anything is called.  Of course I’d heard Knocking on the Door by Arkells.  But I didn’t know what it was called, who it was by, or that they were from Hamilton, Ontario – which makes them my neighbours.

What caught my attention was something I saw on twitter.  I studied Marketing at school, and what I saw brought back a bunch of what I learned in my social media and branding classes.  The Canadian athletes were using Knocking at the Door as a celebration song at Canada House after medal presentations. Someone told Arkells.  What happened next, was for me, one of the top stories of the Olympics (you know, after Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir).

Arkells tweeted at Air Canada and Team Canada to suggest they should come to Pyeongchang to play for the athletes, in person. I imagine they thought ‘hey, let’s throw this out into the world and see what happens.’  What happened is pretty epic.

Air Canada responded.  And kudos to Air Canada for empowering the employee in charge of their social media account to respond in the way they did!

Suddenly Arkells were everywhere!  Everyone wanted to ask them about this development.  Next, it was announced they were going to perform at the Junos.  Then, they arranged a box at their big show in Hamilton for the Team Canada athletes.  Before you know it, that show had been extended into a full stadium show – more tickets were released.  And they hadn’t even been to Korea yet.

There are videos around from the athletes of the big show in Korea, but what was that like?  Max Kerman is the current guest on OTP Sessions detailing his experiences!

Listen to Max Kerman of Arkells on OTP Sessions.


As well, Arkells have a new single out, give it a listen!

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