Matteo Pasculli

Life Finds A Way…

Can the Raptors get up in the kitchen of the Warriors? The Toronto Raptors, from the start of their existence, have never been placed in a position to succeed. They were positioned in a difficult market in a country dominated by hockey fans. However, 24 years later the Toronto Raptors […]

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The Shot

If you are a Raptors fan, I probably don’t need to remind you that the franchise has not been all that successful. It severely struggled for a very long time and, in its early years, the only highlight was beating Jordan’s 72-win Bulls. Since then, most years have ended in […]

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Destined for Game 7

Another year, another Leafs and Bruins series, another game 7. It seems no matter which team has the upper hand at any point in the series that these teams are destined to go to a game 7. This year, however, the two teams are closer than ever before as no […]

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Poking the bear…again

The Toronto Maple Leafs are closing in on their 3rd straight playoff appearance since Auston Matthews was drafted and the team has only gotten better over the past three seasons.  However, even with the massive addition of John Tavares, are the Leafs good enough to push the issue for the […]

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Life Finds A Way

The Toronto Raptors are currently in first place in the NBA closing in on December; now before you go rolling your eyes hear me out. I am a huge believer in the regular season only having so much weight on how a team truly performs in a season and that […]

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