Michael Chirico

How A Game Can Change Your Life

“I’ve got a surprise for you…it’s two stages and now that the ball is rolling it can’t be stopped.” Those who know me know two things; I like structure and I hate surprises. My wife knows this and has learned to deal with it. So when she came out and […]

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September Optimism

Some consider me the eternal optimist when it comes to baseball. I’m always hoping for the good outcome and even if the team loses; I still look forward to the next game. Why though? The answer is pretty simple. Compared to every other sport; baseball is a 6-month marathon and […]

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Over The Hate

The Critiquing of This Front Office is Getting Old ‍ I’m going to take a lot of heat for this article from a lot of die hard fans. But at this point in time, I have stopped caring. It’s starting to get to me in a bad way; as it […]

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