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Where to begin?  My spiral into depression happened rather quickly.  I’d always been one who’d suffered from intense anxiety and panic attacks throughout my childhood, adolescence, and early adulthood, but over the years I had done a lot of work and self-help and was able to calm those waters… or […]

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The John Gibbons Debate…

Our most recent poll has sparked a conversation. To vote, please click here.‍ The poll results, so far… ‍ Loyal listener, Susan Ross, posited the comment below: It’s not the Manager’s fault that there has been so many injuries. No Donaldson or Tulo has hurt all year long.  And what’s […]

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Surviving Cancer Special Presentation Podcast

‍   For Immediate Release Surviving Cancer Special Presentation Podcast On Wednesday October 4, 2017, NSR Media will present “Surviving Cancer” at 7pm ET. This special podcast will be hosted by Barry Davis and Matt McFarland, who host the Outta the Park podcast..  This special will focus on those who […]

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Statements From The Team: Your First Sports Memory

In what we hope becomes a regular segment, here are some stories from Outta The Park listeners. These were submissions for our first pitch topic regarding “your first memories of a sporting event.”  Many thanks for the responses! ‍ Name: Shawn My first memory of a professional sporting event is getting […]

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