August 18, 2018

Blue Jay Pride

I have been a Blue Jays fan since I was ten years old. Being in my early twenties, there are many people who were fans before I was. I still remember my first ever Blue Jays jersey, black with Marco Scutaro’s name on it, and the last person to wear number 19 before the beloved Jose years.
It still hangs in my closet.

I think as a fan of this team, we can all agree that this year did not turn out like it was supposed to. Whether it be the power of our AL East rivals, the endless cycle of injuries, or the close heartbreaking losses, we can all agree that this season has been particularly frustrating. We saw great players fall on the disabled list and multiple games started by a merry-go-round of bullpen arms. There were times of triumph, like when Gurriel Jr. kept getting hit after hit, and times of defeat when teams that were below our ranking swept us. Losing our star closer was a huge blow to a team that needed him dearly and to see him caught up in legal situations that divided fans across the country (which I will certainly not get into) just added to the bleakness of the 2018 campaign.

Fans are not showing up to the games like they were a few years ago. The Jays are not the team they used to be.

But who says that’s a bad thing?

The Blue Jays have lost some great players over the years like Encarnacion, Price, Bautista, Cecil, the list goes on. But they’ve also gained some great players as well. They’ve drafted some highly talented players and currently have one of the hottest prospects in the game. The management team found diamonds in the rough, like our superman centerfielder, and have a crowded infield causing a problem that general managers would dream of capitalizing on. Are they all superstars? No, but they are talented players who can fill other voids in the lineup that can make the team stronger. The Toronto Blue Jays have a talented young outfield core who is manageable and while they will make mistakes, can only be seen with upside.

Let’s be honest Blue Jays fans. The Jays are in a tough division where money buys a lot of players and some rival teams have drafted really well. Truth be told, Canada’s team will probably not get very far next year either. They will have some young guns on the team, getting their feet wet, and they will struggle and slump just like every good player.

But they are not out of this. The Jays are merely getting started.

And I cannot wait to experience it.


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