November 5, 2017

Compassion… Try It!

There were many days, in my younger years, where my worry about my fathers health reached such levels that I would retire to the school’s bathroom because I felt sick to my stomach.

It affected my marks, my friendships, and my relationship with my then girlfriend.

Recently, I’ve had some less than digestible interactions, over Twitter, regarding many a player currently playing for the Toronto Blue Jays.

“PLAYER X is garbage this year… Trade him.”

“PLAYER Y is not committed to winning… DFA him.”

“If I was in charge I’d get rid of PLAYER A, B, C.  They’re on the downslide…”

You know what!?

I’ve had enough…

The vapour of Barry’s interview with Dioner Navarro still lingers in the air around my house. If you haven’t heard it, download it here.

Let me paint a scene, as I see it.

Say my wife is ailing and I’m the catcher for the Toronto Blue Jays. (So this is fiction!!!)

I step up to bat and the only thought displayed on the ticker of my inner mind is: “what if I get back to the bench and there is a phone call about my wife?”

“I just want to get back to the bench…”

“The bench…”

How can we expect me to perform at the highest level when my inner turmoil is set to breach the walls of my mind?

We know nothing about what is going on inside these people that we scrutinize.

How many of us knew the battle that Roberto Osuna was fighting?  None of us.  That’s why it was such a shock.

My point is, can’t we assume the best of someone FIRST?  What if a struggling player is working their way through something?

A sick child, a parent in palliative care, a marriage falling apart.

Remember, these ASSETS come complete with a set of characteristics that might make executing, in professional sport, very difficult at times.

The argument that PLAYER X makes millions of dollars and should be able to turn off those emotions is complete drivel.

Drivel, I tell you…

I’m proud to be compassionate before being a fan.

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