July 25, 2018

FREE PREVIEW – Outta The Park Extra July 25, 2018

The other side of the ball. Morgan Happ, wife of Blue Jay J.A. Happ, joins Outta The Park to talk with Barry about being a baseball wife. Barry and Morgan chat about how she would shoulder the load of a move if and when a trade happens. She discusses trying to take the lions share of the household so that her husband can focus on his job and how she finds support when J.A. is on the road, as he is 81 games a year. Its a wonderful insight into an area of the game that is rarely seen. The First Pitch talks the tragedy in Toronto on Monday, the payroll of the Yankees and Red Sox and if the Rogers Centre was built on ancient native burial ground. Ask Barry Davis talks batting average and sends the boys down the rabbit hole of baseball history. Are the injuries sustained by the players the fault of the training staff? The boys suss it out. All that and much more. Its an Extra show for you, the members! Morgan Happ, have a listen. Listen On SoundCloud

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