November 27, 2019

FREE PREVIEW: Outta The Park Extra, Nov. 27, 2019 – The Accardo Family Pt. 2

The Accardo family joins Outta The Park Extra.

Carly and Jeremy discuss the family dynamic and how having an ailing child changes things.

How is Leighton reacting to chemotherapy and how has she progressed as expected. Do Canadians speak differently? Leighton weighs in.

Leighton’s bravery and strength in taking the spotlight are on full display.

The First Pitch features a chat about the state of hockey coaching in the NHL. The firing of Mike Babcock, the former Maple Leafs head coach, and his interactions with Leafs forward Mitch Marner in his rookie season is discussed.

It turns out the workplace environment that Mike Babcock had built was fairly toxic. Does this all tie into Mitch Marner’s contract? Where was Leafs management when toxic interactions of this sort were happening?

Calgary Flames coach (for how long?) Bill Peters has been accused of uttering racial slurs during his time coaching in the AHL and being physically abusive as coach of The Carolina Hurricanes. Its utterly disgusting stuff and the stories continue to filter out of the mouths of the players that have played for Peters.

As of the time of this recording, Bill is still the coach of The Calgary Flames.

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