October 3, 2018

FREE PREVIEW: Outta The Park Extra, Oct.3, 2018 – Guest – Bailey Alford Pt. 2

She’s a video vixen… Or at least she wanted to be. Bailey Alford, wife of Anthony, joins the show to continue our chat. She dives into her musical aspirations and how she balances her music career with the erratic nature of her husband’s job. Bailey talks the beginning of singing, her parents and how they feel about where she’s taken her lyrics and all the work that goes into her songwriting. Further, a surprise guest joins Barry and Matt, briefly, to chat. Bailey’s a joy to chat with and you’ll be heart warmed to hear her serenade her husband. Its just the cutest. The First Pitch talks the Blue Jays infield and what to do with the logjam that will be the talk of the off season and Spring Training. Ask Barry Davis discusses Powerade Powder and the mercy rule in professional baseball. Matt asks himself a question and will have the answer for you on Sunday. All that and more. WAGS – and we can’t get enough. Listen On SoundCloud

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