January 4, 2019

Honest Hits From Honors

Acknowledging the bands transition from the old to the new.

In the music industry every act is tasked with being honest and truthful to themselves and their fans. In the case of Tyler Armes, Cam Hunter, Patrick Gillett, and Andrew Martino, the successful tenure of Down with Webster was put on pause to address areas of uncertainty.

In a Sessions interview with Tyler, he explains the band members’ decision to start off fresh came from a feeling of doubt towards the old project. “It didn’t feel right anymore…it didn’t fit right with us”. Thus, led to the creation of Honors by Tyler, Cam, Patrick, and Andrew; while, Down with Webster was put on an indefinite hiatus. Though, Tyler acknowledges a completed Down with Webster album, he provided no context on if it’ll ever be released.

It was the band’s honesty that drove the creation of Honors. In a previous interview with Cam, he recalled Honors’ formation as “what we were naturally gravitating towards”. Adding, “this doesn’t really sound like the old project, and it doesn’t make sense with the old project.” It was this self-evaluation that motivated the band to release their first single ‘Over’ as Honors.

At the time, the band was sure that this transition was what they wanted but convincing their fans and record label was an entirely different challenge. But the fact stands, whether you’re a fan of Down with Webster or a fan of Honors, the band’s honesty provided an outlet for a new sound to be produced.

For that new sound, Honors has given its fans a glimpse back-stage on the writing and producing of music. Recently the band has announced that it will be posting demos onto its YouTube and Soundcloud. Songs and ideas that didn’t quite make the cut are uploaded giving people the chance to see the band in its rawest form.

The continued pursuit of authenticity creates a sound that cannot be categorized under one label. The bands’ recently released LP is a perfect example of an entire playlist of songs that challenges the modern understanding of music labels. A mix of R&B, Hip-Hop, Electronic, Rock, Rap, and Pop makes up the collection of songs known as ‘Feel Better’.

Specifically, the title-track opens with a choir-esque hum, followed by an electronic melody. The vocals open up with Cam over an R&B beat that transitions into Hip-Hop in the first verse. As the song cascades into the chorus, the medley of sounds continues to coexist as Cam’s vocals build. This pattern continues throughout the track. But, it’s the distinctiveness of every song that makes this feat incredible.

And lyrically, the band’s commitment to real, honest music allows them to write meaningful content from a relatable place. Tyler recalls ‘Feel Better’ as a song that sends a message about accepting the lows and highs of life, but importantly being okay with one’s self.

As the quartet sets to hit the road in 2019 touring around Canada and the United States, show-goers should expect an intimate live set. In December of 2017, Honors returned to Toronto play their first hometown show as the new band. The concert held at Velvet Underground included vivid lights, clean instrumentals, and a dominant stage presence. The crew and band worked throughout soundcheck to get every aspect of the show down to perfection. On January 25th, the band will make a Toronto stop at the Mod Club (between their Waterloo and Montreal dates) for the third time as Honors. This time the promise is for a bigger, louder, and more authentic show, playing music released and unreleased music.

And as bands come and go, Honors commitment to their fans suggest we’ll be hearing more from them into 2019 and beyond. To learn more about the band and to hear Tyler’s interview with Barry and Matt, check out the Sessions from December 21, 2018. Also, keep a look out for an NSR Raffle for 2 free tickets to Honor’s Toronto show courtesy of the band themselves.

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