April 25, 2019

Major League Fun; Minor League Baseball

Why Toronto Blue Jays Fans Should Visit the Buffalo Bisons. 

Most Toronto Blue Jay fans know that the team’s best years are ahead of them. With some of the best prospects in all of baseball, the Blue Jays’ farm teams are a quick preview of what is set to come. Of these teams, none display this talent and potential more than the Buffalo Bisons – Toronto’s AAA ball club. Located just a few hours south of Toronto, it’s a mystery why most Blue Jay fans haven’t made the trip across the border.

The 90-minute drive from Toronto to Buffalo is the perfect distance for a day or weekend trip to see the future of the Toronto Blue Jays. The Buffalo Bisons play on Sahlen Field, a traditional ballpark that many Blue Jays fans and dome lovers aren’t used to experiencing. The roof-less stadium means that while some games are subject to rain delays and postponements, others are granted doubleheader status. If timed right, visitors can enjoy two traditional outdoor games for the price of one – not to mention tickets are a fraction of their major league counterparts.

One thing to note for visitors is the differences between the Rogers Centre and Sahlen Field seating. Instead of thousands of outfield bleachers, the Bisons have a large number of picnic tables and standing room available beyond the outfield fence, including a patio located in the Right Field corner. Otherwise, seating can be found within the foul territory from pole to pole. With capacity only limited at 18,000 fans with only two levels of seating, there’s no feeling of distance and every play creates a more intimate feeling for fans – an experience rare for Toronto fans. 


Moving away from the bright lights and allure of Major League Baseball, tickets for Minor League Baseball games are sold at a fraction of the cost. Tickets ten rows behind Home Plate can easily run up to $100 per game. In Buffalo, tickets in the first row behind the protective netting go for as low as $14. This difference in pricing is only a result of the location and not the calibre of play, which makes a visit to Buffalo a sensible decision for true baseball fanatics. 

Once at the ballpark, the Bisons offer a wide variety of concession options. Apart from traditional baseball foods, Sahlen Field also offers local beers, “Pizza Logs”, and traditional ‘Buffalonian” beef on weck sandwiches. And just like ticket prices, the food at the Buffalo Bisons games are cheaper than those at Toronto Blue Jays games.

Now, if this article has already succeeded in convincing you to visit Buffalo for a game or two, it may be helpful to highlight some of the upcoming promotions and themed evenings. Once a month from May to August Sahlen Field will be hosting Dog Days giving everyone the chance to bring their four-legged friend down to the ballpark. Later, in June, the Bisons will be hosting Star Wars Night; in July, Vladdy Jr. bobbleheads will be given out; and in August, the team will celebrate the hometown faithful by celebrating Fan Appreciation Night. 

It’s plain and simple: for eager fans who want to see the future of the Toronto Blue Jays, there is no better time to travel down to Buffalo to see the Bisons. The short journey across the border is not only a great opportunity to have a baseball road trip, it’s also the best way to see what tomorrow’s team has in store. I highly recommend fans to take part in seeing some true, authentic Minor League Baseball and supporting the developing Blue Jays. 

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