Outta The Park Ep. 93, Jan 20, 2019 - Guests - Scott Richmond And Steve Delabar

By: admin. Posted in: Outta the Park(Episodes) on January 20, 2019

Around the world with a baseball in their hands.

This week, we are joined by two former Toronto Blue Jays that have taken their talents to international waters in an effort to continue their careers.

Steve Delabar, former Blue Jay All-Star, checks in with Barry and Matt and fills them in on the current goings-on in the life of a Delabars. Steve talks about what is currently keeping him busy and then goes back in time to chat about playing for a Japanese baseball team. Everything from the differences in culture, the food, to the changes in the style of play are touched on. All of it delivered with the classic Steve Delabar sense of humor.

Scott Richmond also joins Barry and Matt on Outta The Park. Scott discusses the whys of why did he go to Australia to play baseball. Was Scott gun shy about taking his talents down under considering he had a not so savoury experience playing baseball in other countries? What are the most notable differences between baseball in Australia and baseball in North America? Scott fills us in.

Ask Barry Davis features a call from the Northwest territories of Canada. Also, a question is answered regarding a sit down meeting between Russell Martin, TroyTulowitzki and Blue Jays management.

The first pitch talks trades and some of the most lopsided transactions in the history of sports.

The results of the fair or foul poll are revealed and they are telling.

Where in the world is that pitcher!? Well, we’ll find out.

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