Outta The Park, Ep. 91, Jan 6, 2019 - Guest - Matt Shoemaker

By: Matt The Producer Posted in: New,Outta the Park(Episodes) on January 6, 2019

Fear the beard!

Shoebacca, Matt Shoemaker, one of the newest Blue Jays, joins Barry and Matt to become acquainted with the new scenery that he finds himself in.

The guys welcome Matt to Canada and start the convo off right with talk of hockey, poutine, beer and many other Canadian staples. The OTP boys essentially touch on every Canadian stereotype and become stereotypically Canadian. A dinner date is set up early on that will have Blue Jays fans smiling.

Matt (Shoemaker) discusses his time in the big leagues and a head injury that he sustained that made headlines throughout the MLB. His tale of recovery and the support of his wife is one that is sure to be memorable in the annals of Outta The Park.

He’s instantly affable and spars with the guys immediately. He’s going to fit RIGHT IN!

The First Pitch discusses the retirement of former Blue Jay Ricky Romero and Troy Tulowitzki becoming a Yankee. Matt (The Producer) throws up in his mouth.

Ask Barry Davis discusses the thought that the Blue Jays front office should be all Canadian and when the shift first came into fashion.

The results of the Fair or Foul Poll are revealed and they are pitched to one side.

All that and more, but the big draw is one of the newest Blue Jays making himself known to fans.

The Shoe is on the mound.

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