Outta The Park Ep. 92, Jan. 13, 2019 - Guest - Ricky Romero

By: Matt The Producer. Posted in: Baseball, on January 13, 2019

You can take the boy out of baseball but you can’t take the baseball out of the boy.

Ricky Romero, former Toronto Blue Jay, joined Barry and Matt to talk about his recent retirement from the MLB.

The guys trace Ricky‘s career from his rookie season through to some of the highlight years and then unpack exactly what happened that pre-disposed his recent retirement announcement.

Ricky talks about travelling abroad to play baseball as well as how his body ultimately decided to work against him when resuscitating his career.

The boys laugh a lot, as usual, and Ricky reveals some things that we’ve never heard him say in prior conversations.

He’s a wonderful guy and we hope that wherever life takes him next he’ll have some strong winds behind the sales.

The first pitch reveals a wonderful announcement and something that will change Outta The Park for the better. The guys also talk about the recent trade of Russell Martin to the LA Dodgers and the prospects that came back and said deal. Hatred for corporate rears its ugly head.

Ask Barry Davis discusses Casey Kasem and whether or not the Jays seek to trade Ken Giles.

The results of the fair or Foul Poll are revealed and they’re bearded.

All that much more…

Long, slow clap for Ricky Romero for what he did for the city of Toronto.

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