February 19, 2019

Outta The Court: Feb 19, 2019 – Chair Girl Vs. Beer Throwing Guy.

Court is in session!

Criminal lawyers Adam Goodman and Scott Cowan are joined by Barry Davis to discuss the legal differences between Toronto’s “Chair Girl” and “Beer Throwing Guy.”

Chair Girl was charged with mischief. What does that charge mean? How much jail time is associated with such a charge, if any?

Is posting the video of the chair throw encouraging copy cats? What of the person that was filming the incident. Are they in any sort of legal trouble?

The case of Ken Pagan, “beer throwing guy,” is examined. The subject in question was given a conditional discharge. What does that mean?

Ken lost his job as a result of his actions. Does he have a case for wrongful dismissal?

Is the beer incident more serious than the chair incident? Does the presence of intent make a difference?

Were these acts pre-meditated? How, as a lawyer, would you be able to determine pre-meditation?

Famous cases are used as precedent when comparing these two scenarios and the differences between knowledge and intention, in the eyes of the law, are explored.

There are many questions, and all are answered.

All that and more…

Its all laid out for you on Outta The Court.

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