February 6, 2019

Outta The Court Feb 6, 2019 – Video Replay In Sports

Court is in session!

Criminal lawyers Scott Cowan and Adam Goodman are joined by Barry Davis to discuss video replay in sports and whether or not its affecting the appeal of the experience for the fan.

Does waiting for the replay result hurt the game? Should the the calls just stand on the field or ice?

The guys discuss what the MLB will go to video replay for.

Will the introduction of technology to decide calls during a game drastically affect the appeal of the game?

The trio discuss RFID technology and how can it be used in sport to avoid instant replay.

Did the omission of the use of video replay cost a major league pitcher a perfect game? Did a missed high stick cost an NHL team a Stanley Cup appearance?

That’s a ton of questions and they’ll be answered.

From Yellow Knife to Southern Ontario, the guys are ALL OVER THE COUNTRY this week.

Its all laid out for you on Outta The Court.

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