January 29, 2019

Outta The Court, Jan 29, 2019 – The Law and Rules in Sports

Court is in session!

Criminal lawyers Scott Cowan and Adam Goodman are joined by Barry Davis to discuss the law and its intersection with the rules of sport.

The trio dissect a number of rules and look at how they legally apply both on the field of play and in life.

Can a bearded baseball player affect the outcome of a game?
Barry pits the two lawyers against one another and has them take different sides on a number of issues.

The results are engaging to say the least.

A rule using Seinfeld as an example arises – of course it does. Doesn’t it always involve Seinfeld on OTC?

Yeah, we have questions and they’re answered!

All that and more…

Its all laid out for you on Outta The Court.

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