March 12, 2019

Outta The Court, March 12, 2019 – Racism In Sports

Court is in Session!

Criminal lawyer Scott Cowan is joined by Barry Davis to shed light on racism in sports.

A black minor hockey player, in Quebec, had to serve a penalty in the dressing room for fear that his life might be in danger at the hands of racists in the crowd.

It escalated so much so that his family began to fear for their safety.

Are the people sitting silently as bad as those hurling the insults? Is there precedent for bystanders and what can be done is one finds oneself in this situation?

The league was asked to escort the player out of the arena to ensure his safety and the request was denied. Why?

The laws in Quebec different than those in the rest of Canada and how those laws affect this case is noteworthy.

What constitutes a hate crime? These, and many more questions, are answered.

A case in the NBA is used as the basis for Scott on the incident.

This is a situation that has been of the highest profile in the news cycle. Lets get to the bottom of it.

All that and more…

Its Outta The Court!

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