March 17, 2019

Outta The Park Ep. 101, March 17, 2019 – Guest – Duane Ward

A Blue Jays legend joins us!

Duane Ward, Blue Jay of myth spent some time with Barry and Matt.

The guys discuss baseball topics of the day, most notably the rule changes that the MLB plans to implement as early as this season, with more on the 2020 horizon.

What does he think of a single trade deadline? As an all-star does he like the changes being made to MLB’s midsummer classic?

Duane discusses MLB Salaries vs. MLB Revenue. Is there a disparity between the two?

Mr. Ward discusses the different classes of major leaguers and how much of the pie should be divided by the MLB Caste System.

Jude MacDonald checks in to talk Leafs. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON WITH THE LEAFS?

The Situation with Blake Snell and the pay raise that comes along with winning the Cy Young.

The First Pitch highlights fights in Spring Training and makes note of the most recent one involving Ken Giles.

Ask Barry Davis features celebrity deaths and if there are trades on the horizons for the Blue Jays coming out of Spring Training.

The results of the Fair or Foul Poll are revealed.

All that and more…

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