Outta The Park, Ep. 104, April 7, 2019 - Guest - Matt Shoemaker

By: Jen Parizeau. Posted in: New,Outta the Park(Episodes) on April 8, 2019


Matt Shoemaker joins us from Cleveland. Barry and The Shoe get down to the important queries, i.e. – what kind of music does Matty vibe to? The guys discuss how the transition for the Shoemaker family has been. With a baby on the way, how would Matt deal with the news that the baby had come if he was on the mound.

Does he feel like the new kid in school on the Blue Jays?

Barry tells a story about couches and veteran players in the clubhouse and how its reserved seating for front liners.

Its a wonderful chat with a wonderful person.

The First Pitch:

The boys discuss the trade of fan favourite Kevin Pillar. Further, they link the trade of Pillar and the contract extension for Randal Grichuk. Is there a correlation with the gamble the Blue Jays took on Jose Bautista and the commitment they’ve made to Grichuk?

Barry and Matt the Producer outline the ripples the Pillar trade has made through baseball in Canada.

MLB Player Agent Joshua Kusnick joins the show to discuss the player that the Jays got back in the Pillar trade – Alen Hansen.

Ask Barry Davis:

Inevitably, Kevin Pillar features in the Ask Barry Davis segment. Also, does an error allowing a batter to reach 1st base count towards his On Base Percentage?

The results of the fair or foul poll are revealed.

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