May 26, 2019

Outta The Park Ep. 111, May 26, 2019 – Guests – Butch Carter, Ryan Dempster


Butch Carter, former Toronto Raptors coach, joins Barry and Matt to offer his thoughts on the Raptors making history. Butch tells us how this changes things in Canada. Is Kawhi Leonard the best basketball player playing right now? What makes him so special. Coach Carter tells us how to game plan against the Warriors. He’s very candid in how he feels about the Raptors facing a team of this magnitude.

The First Pitch features a discussion about the Toronto Raptors and their journey to the NBA Finals. Barry and Matt gush and are recording, literally, as the celebrations are happening on the TV behind the studio. It is amazing what has happened in the span of a year.

The Blue Jays are also discussed. The OTP guys discuss the baseball team getting PUMPED by the Padres.

Josh Matlow from joins Barry and Matt to update Toronto Sports fans about the state of tickets and availability in Canada.

Ask Barry Davis chats The Rolling Stones. A listener wonders aloud if the Blue Jays left the trading of some of their assets too late so as to affect their value in a negative manner. Barry and Matt talk about how and when to grade a Sports Team’s General Manager. What did the Blue Jays organization think of John Gibbons – the guys detail it.

Barry asks about cooking ribs. Yeah. That’s a tangent.

Ryan Dempster, former MLB’er, is about to be inducted into the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame. How is speech writing going for Ryan? Is he going to ad lib most of it or is he going with pre-planned. Ryan talks about pedigree in baseball and passing the baseball gene down to the next generation.

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