June 2, 2019

Outta The Park Ep. 112, June 2, 2019 – Guest – Paul Quantrill

Does Paul Quantrill have Raptors fever?

Rubber armed Quantrill, a former Blue Jay, and Barry Davis draw the correlations between Cal Quantrill and Steph Curry.

With his son pitching for the Padres team who does Paul cheer for when they play the Blue Jays? Its something that not many parents have ever had to consider.

Paul discusses the dynamic between father and son and how he dealt with knowing when to push and when not to push his son. Nurture and nature is a prominent topic.

What is Paul up to? He fills us in.

The First Pitch discusses Edwin Jackson and what the hell to do with this guy. His ERA as a Blue Jay is 13.22. Yeah, you read that right. WHY ARE ELITE PITCHERS JOBLESS!? What the hell is wrong with the MLB?

Barry and Matt spar over millionaire players verses billionaire owners. Will this fractured relationship result in a labour stoppage? Marcus Stroman is liking tweets that maybe he shouldn’t. We discuss.

Matt outlines a stat line from Game 1 of The NBA Finals and then the guys GUSH.

Ask Barry Davis sounds like a Dawson’s Creek episode. WHAT!? The guys chat about NBA reffing. What is the charge foul? Barry explains the silliest call in the NBA. Should the MLB increase the safety netting to ensure that there is no further loss of life in the sport? Why haven’t they done it yet.

Is it the responsibility of the ticket holder to take their safety in their own hands and be aware of their situation.

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