June 9, 2019

Outta The Park Ep. 113, June 9, 2019 – Guests – Dirk Hayhurst, Braden Halladay

Former Blue Jay Dirk Hayhurst, now a proud papa, joined Barry to catch up.

Henry, Dirk’s son, is the focal point of the conversation. That, and the difference between sex and baby making sex and the grind that it can become.

Dirk pulls the cover back on the aftermath of his career. He and his wife were questioning their worth and how to move forward.

“I am an impotent failure…” – Dirk Hayhurst

Fertility treatments and the cost are discussed. The lengths to which the Hayhursts have gone to have a child are eye opening.

The honesty of Dirk when he describes how low rock bottom was is astounding.

The First chats about exactly what you’d think it should chat about. THE RAPTORS ARE ONE WIN AWAY FROM BEING NBA CHAMPIONS!

Barry and Matt discuss the ins an outs of Game 4 of the NBA finals. They are really, really excited.

Toronto sports fans and recent draftee by the Toronto Blue Jays, Braden Halladay, stops in to chat with Barry and Michelle Sturino about his late famous father Roy and his intentions regarding professional baseball. Braden reflects about his time living in Toronto when his Dad was a Jay. Does Braden have his Dad’s work ethic? He explains.

Ask Barry Davis asks about the MLB draft and how to streamline it. Would the Raptors be the talk of the town if the Leafs were in the NHL Finals? Barry and Matt discuss.

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