June 16, 2019

Outta The Park Ep. 114, June 16, 2019 – Guest – Ferguson Jenkins

Hall of Fame in Cooperstown and Hall of Fame in St. Mary’s. THAT’S A DISTINCTION!!!

Ferguson Jenkins joins Outta The Park to chat about his journey. A multi sport athlete, Fergie chats about how he came from a long line of athletes.

Who is Fergie’s most celebrated out? ITS A HECK OF A NAME.

Ferguson chats about “playing healthy” and how he managed to keep himself in top condition over the course of his career.

From his deflection of his successes to his teammates and his love of his father Fergie is a wonderful chat. You’re gonna love him.

The First Pitch features a gush fest regarding the Raptors being NBA champs. Barry and Matt recap the game and hop up and down with excitement because the Larry O’Brien trophy is CROSSING THE BORDER. Will Kawhi stay? Does being a champ preclude Kawhi’s exit from the dinos?


With the Raptors done how will the dog days of summer shake out? Is it gonna be a slog. The guys touch on the Blue Jays and what to expect next.

Ask Barry Davis discusses “N as in Nancy” and why Golden State Warriors fans are so bent out of shape. The Warriors have one multiple championships over the last number of years. Isn’t it time to share?

The boys chat about the last 5 minutes of NBA games and how exciting they are. The boys discuss some inebriation during the Raptors win.

The results of the Fair or Foul Poll are revealed.

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