July 14, 2019

Outta The Park Ep. 118, July 14, 2019 – Guest – Chad Jenkins

Chad Jenkins joins Barry and Matt to chat about where he is…like on earth.

Chad opens up rather quickly about why he left baseball and what lingers in his metaphorical basement. The “Phantom DL” is explained and how Chad became to be a member of its fraternity is revealed.

Haunted Hotels in Florida are touched on. Matt loses his s&*t.

Jensky-Cat recounts his MLB debut. ITS GREAT! Being the guy with options can be a major curse and Chad Jenkins details his history with options.

The First Pitch discusses cats snuggle without consent. The guys chat about Vladimir Guerrero Jr’s fruitful week at the plate and on social media. Will Justin Smoak be traded. Barry and Matt feel that Justin knows its time to move onto a team that is in contention.

Speaking of social media, Marcus Stroman’s activity on social media platforms is chatted about.

What is Gibby’s nickname for his daughter? The guys speculate.

Ask Barry Davis talks about nicknames, WWE, wrestling, John Mayer and DEATH METAL. Seat Giant’s Josh Matlow joins in on the fun.

Will the Blue Jays contend for a Wild Card spot in 2020? Barry details his thoughts. When is Devon Travis coming back and will there be spot for him on the Blue Jays?

Intent + puts act = crime. WHAT? You’ll see.

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