Outta The Park Ep. 119, July 21, 2019 - Q:A With Ryan Borucki

By: Matt The Producer. Posted in: Baseball,New,Outta the Park(Episodes) on July 21, 2019

Ryan Borucki talks about rehabbing through injury and the challenges that go along with being on the sidelines.

A broken bat over someone’s leg is a topic of discussion. It may or may not have to do with the sibling of a certain pitcher. Matt and Ryan talk about “Rookie of The Year.”

Ryan answers listener questions including favourite restaurants, favourite movies and what city he compares Toronto to. What are his off-day routines?

A beer bet is cause for giggles…

On The First Pitch Barry and Matt chat with Criminal Defence Lawyer Adam Goodman about the Jonah Keri situation. Jonah, an esteemed local baseball writer, has been charged in a domestic violence case. The trio discuss what happens next and Adam offers insight into the case.

Is this similar to the Roberto Osuna situation? Is there a different set of rules for athletes? Kevin Spacey is chatted about.

Ask Barry Davis features a chat with Josh Matlow from Seat Giant. On the question side of things, the boys talk about the changes they would make if they MLB Commissioner. Does Dalton Pompey have a shot at making and sticking in the MLB?

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