August 19, 2019

Outta The Park Ep. 123, Aug 18, 2019 – Guest – Jason Grilli

What has Jason Grilli been up to since we last chatted?

Jason talks about his thoughts on being a part of a rebuilding team and what it would be like going to the ballpark knowing that losing at a high rate was part of the package.

The guys talk about feeding off the energy of the crowd.

Jason has been seen throwing bullpen sessions. WHAT!? Is there a comeback in the works?

What US city should have a baseball team that doesn’t? Barry, Matt and Jason discuss.

The First Pitch features a chat about where the Blue Jays prospect system ranks in all of baseball. Did the prospects acquired via trade for many fan favourites affect how the Blue Jays rank in assets? You’ll find out.

Baseball minds are graded on the players they kept over the players they let go. Barry and Matt discuss.

Josh Matlow joins the OTP boys to chat about what’s hot in the world of Seat Giant and tickets on their site. Ask Barry Davis chats about how Derek Fisher fits in with the other OF currently under Blue Jay employ. Where is Julian Merryweather and when can Blue Jays fans expect to see him on the big club?

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