Outta The Park Ep. 126, Sept 8, 2019 - Guest - Ricky Romero

By: Matt The Producer. Posted in: Baseball,New,Outta the Park(Episodes) on September 8, 2019

***WARNING*** We get sweary on this episode.

Lets Go Ricky Ro!

Barry, Matt and former Blue Jay Ricky Romero talk about Ricky’s interactions with Alex Nolan, Blue Jays prospect and a fellow Canadian.

The trio have a chat about Justin Verlander and his recent spat with members of the Detroit Sports Media. How does Ricky feel about the situation and what are his thoughts coming from being a player that dealt with the media.

Should MLB teams ban their players from having social media? Is this well within their rights?

The First Pitch starts off with Pumpkin Spice and then gets into the contract situations regarding many of the NHL restricted free agents. Is the salary cap hindering teams from keeping their homegrown talent.

Will there be an NHL lockout in 2020 and what would the striking points be?

Ask Barry Davis discusses players that the OTP crew would love to have on the show but haven’t had a chance to speak with. Some of the names that come up are luminaries. MLB games on YouTube is debated and discussed. Is there a way of doing this that increases the scope of the broadcast AND appeal to the core baseball fan?

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