September 22, 2019

Outta The Park Ep. 128, Sept 22, 2019 – Guest – Travis Snider

Travis Snider joins us to discuss what went right this past season in AAA. He had a resurgence in his career and the guys chat about everything.

“I lost control of caring when I got pissed off. I was just angry at the world…” – Travis Snider.

Travis talks about developing skill sets and issues with mental health that forced him to really put some hard work in on himself.

The First Pitch opens with waffles and your host is aggravated. Then, KFC’s new sandwich is chatted about. Its a zany start to a segment that is supposed to be about sports.

The situation regarding Felipe Vazquez and how social media figures into it. A rant about the modern day cultural practices

Ask Barry Davis catches up with Josh Matlow from Seat Giant. Seinfeld and the MLB’s policies regarding crimes of a sexual nature are topics that get some time in the spotlight. Why was Rowdy Tellez removed from a game without injury?

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