September 29, 2019

Outta The Park Ep. 129, Sept 29, 2019 – Guest – Todd Redmond

Todd Redmond of the padded baseball cap joins us on Outta The Park.

Is Todd keeping track of baseball now that he’d not part of the game. His answer will surprise you. Todd’s thoughts on the opener in baseball are some that he makes exceedingly clear. The guys chat about the differences in prep between being a starter or a reliever.

“My computer numbers don’t match up…” Todd’s thoughts on analytics are laid bare.

The First Pitch discusses the possibility of The Jaywalk creating a new Auston Matthews T-Shirt. Did Vladimir Guerrero Jr’s first season in the majors live up to the hype. Barry and Matt discuss the various angles of the topic.

“Its not his fault, but its also his doing…” – Matt

What do the Blue Jays do about the starting pitching in 2020? The OTP boys discuss.

Josh Matlow from chimes in. The guys talk about whats going on in the world of tickets.

Barry gets sweary on Ask Barry Davis. Why weren’t more precautions taken with regards to Auston Matthews? Doesn’t he know who he is? Off season targets for the Jays is a chatting point.

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