October 8, 2019

Outta The Park Ep. 130, Oct 6, 2019 – Guest – Anthony Kay

The NEW GUY joins Outta The Park.

Anthony Kay joins OTP to chat about the origins of his Twitter handle and his love of video games. He may or may not be playing video games WHILST chatting.

Anthony tells the guys about his draft experience and his first interactions with Blue Jays fans on Twitter.

The trio go through Canadian trivia and Anthony gets politely ripped.

The First Pitch discusses John Tavares’ captaincy. Do NHL teams really need a captain and why is John Tavares the right choice?

The OTP boys chat about the former Blue Jays that are now playing in the playoffs. Who do the guys want to see win a championship the most? Its a sentimental favourite.

Ask Barry Davis chats about how the OTP crew decide who they cheer for when the Blue Jays are done for the season. Fernando Rodney draws the ire of Davis. GET OFF MY LAWN! Further discussion of the Tavares captaincy is tabled. Who was the greatest captain in Leafs history, according to Barry and Matt?

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