October 13, 2019

Outta The Park Ep. 131, Oct. 13, 2019 – Guest – Michael Saunders

“Baseball has given me so much….”

Michael Saunders joins us on Outta The Park.

What is Mike up to? We won’t give it away but we’ll just say there has been changes in his life.

Barry and Michael chat about the amount of things that you miss, as a parent, when you spent as much time on the road as you do being involved in sports.

How did Michael become enamoured with baseball being a Canadian kid growing up in a country that is hockey obsessed? Mike tells a story that points to a specific person that affected his path.

Who had the sweetest left handed swing according to Mike?

The First Pitch features a chat with Jonah Sigel of @yyzsportsmedia. Follow him in twitter, he’s a glorious follow. Jonah talks about the beginnings of and how/why he started it. Jonah chimes in with what is happening with Blue Jays management and if there is any truth to the murmurs that Mark Shapiro is looking to get out of the Blue Jays org.

Ask Barry Davis features Raptors chat. Can they repeat this season? What will it take to be recrowned champions? ALSO, IT IS MIND BLOWING THAT THE NATIONALS HAVE MOVED ON TO THE NEXT ROUND! What did it take for the Nationals to advance? Getting rid of Bryce Harper.

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