October 20, 2019

Outta The Park Ep. 132, Oct. 20, 2019 – Guest – Dalton Pompey

Dalton Pompey joins Outta The Park to update us on how he’s doing.

“Is it what it is. I can’t change the past so I just need to move forward…” – Dalton Pompey.

Is there a way of preventing concussions and their surrounding issues? Dalton details his journey in dealing with concussions.

Dalton and Barry take a deep dive into Dalton’s time with the Blue Jays and where Dalton is at right now with regards to his career?

Does he feel he was treated unfairly and how is he planning to move beyond a tough few years in baseball.

The First Pitch discusses the Yankees accusing the Houston Astros of stealing signs during the ALCS. Is it a case of being crybabies or is there something to it? Matt dives into some interesting info regarding baseballs and how the MLB may be affecting home runs in the regular season vs. the playoffs.

Is there a conspiracy here? Why would MLB want to have more control over baseball production? Its an interesting discussion.

McLovin and a story about exotic dancers rounds out the segment.

Ask Barry Davis discusses how one would steal signs – in theory only, because no one would actually do that. ITS WRONG!

Why would a great regular season record matter? Don’t you just need to play well enough to get in?

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