October 27, 2019

Outta The Park Ep. 133, Oct. 27, 2019 – Guest – Josh Thole

Josh Thole joins Outta The Park to chat about potty mouthed former MLB players.

Marital relations and how Josh deals with emotional currency in the bank is discussed. Josh plays for the tie in life and we love the explanation .

What was is like catching for RA Dickey. The guys talk about that and Nickelback is discussed in a very unique way.

Josh talks about personality trends with the younger baseball players and if the regular season means anything outside of playing well enough to get into the post season.

The First Pitch touches on a myriad of topics. The tweet of MLB Umpire Rob Drake is chatted about. Is his tweet a threat? What does MLB need to do make this right? The guys then go on to discuss everything that is wrong with the Houston Astros organization. From the handling of their former assistant GM’s comments, to trading for Roberto Osuna and the organization’s handling of their PR mess the Astros are in a free fall.

Ask Barry Davis continues the discussion regarding the Astros. Will there be an exodus of Houston’s team in the off season? The greatest voice in rock music for the last 40 years in discussed.

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