November 24, 2019

Outta The Park Ep. 137, Nov. 24, 2019 – Guests – The Accardo Family

The Accardo family joins Outta The Park.

Jeremy, Carly and 8 year old Leighton Accardo join the OTP guys from the hospital where she is being treated for stage 4 cancer. The family discusses their journey and how both the MLB and the NHL have gotten involved to aid the Accardo’s.

Leighton gives us the perspective of an 8 year old girl fighting like a warrior. Mom and Dad talk about the cocktail of emotions that precipitated the plan to battle this terrible disease.

The First Pitch deals with the Toronto Maple Leafs firing coach Mike Babcock. Further, Barry and Matt discuss former NHL’er Mike Commodore’s twitter posts regarding his feelings on Babcock. Matt discusses his thoughts on Mike Babcock.

“Now you get to watch someone mow your lawn…” – Mike Babcock.

Look up the Tesla Cyber Truck. WOW!

Ask Barry Davis discusses why the Maple Leafs, as a team, looked so different in Sheldon Keefe’s first game as a coach. Has Marco Estrada retired? What are these rumblings and murmurs about his exit from the MLB?

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