November 5, 2017

Outta The Park Ep. 31 – Guests – Rick Vaive, Shaun Marcum

Episode 31 of Outta The Park features a finesse pitcher and a former Leaf captain. Rick Vaive, former Maple Leafs Captain, joins the show for the 2nd part of a two part interview. He talks about his teammates and his time with the Leafs. The subject of coaching is touched upon as well as seeing the game from the bench. Shaun Marcum, former Blue Jay pitcher, talks with Barry about his time with the Jays, his new gig, Roy Halladay and watching the Blue Jays from afar. Lil Osuna talks getting DM’s from his namesake. Will Weinbach, social media guru talks being 16 and successful. Josh Matlow of Seat Giant stops by to announce the winner for our NHL ticket giveaway. Matt the Producer joins in, so you know where that goes… Lock it in like a locksmith. We gotchu. Listen On SoundCloud

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