Outta The Park Ep. 34, Nov. 26:17 - Guests - Bernie Nicholls, Stirring Images

By: admin. Posted in: Outta the Park(Episodes) on November 26, 2017

That can’t be pencil, can it? Bernie Nicholls, former NHL’er and teammate of Wayne Gretzky, joins
Outta The Park for episode 34. In part 1 of a 2 part interview, Bernie talks about his new business venture, essentially a stock market for fantasy sports. He breaks down how you can get involved and how it can highlight your sports experience. Visit allsportsmarket.com for more details. Jim and Doug from Stirring Images stop by for an in-studio interview. Boasting eye-popping realistic blue jay/baseball pencil drawings, the guys break down the process for Barry and Matt. Excitement a la Outta The Park ensues. Visit stirringimages.com. Trust us. Adam Goodman joins the show for “Courtside” to talk marijauna, legalization and its implications in sport. The first pitch talks NHL reply and why it could cost someone a playoff round. All that and much, much more. Lock it in…. Listen On SoundCloud

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