December 3, 2017

Outta The Park Ep. 35, Dec 3, 2017 – Guests – Bernie Nicholls And Chris Colabello

And then there were 3! Matt The Producer joins in on the fun for our second part of the interview with Bernie Nicholls. A 70 goal season gets MTP dangerously excited. Bernie talks about his career, playing with the Great One and shares an incredible story about hanging with Tom Hanks, noted Nicholls fan. Barry chats with Chris Colabello. The snippet covers where Chris is now and his next steps. The full interview will be available for the members only MIDWEEK on Dec. 6/17. Membership gets you the whole thing – and man, they go deep. The first pitch talks about the current climate in office situations. Lil Osuna describes ball hawking. Yeah, we didn’t know what that was either, but our little correspondent brings us up to speed. Ask Barry Davis returns and discusses attendance and bobbleheads. Fast paced with quick hits – just how Bernie likes it. Lock it in like a locksmith. The boys are on blast. Listen On SoundCloud

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