January 14, 2018

Outta The Park Ep. 41, Jan 14, 2018 – Guest – Dioner Navarro

Dioner Navarro, former Blue Jay and current caregiver, joins Outta The Park for the second time. Dioner talks with Barry about his current situation. He talks about his ailing wife, Shirley, making progress and how she is the strongest women he’s ever met. Dioner explains why he put his career on hold and reveals where he thinks its headed. Its a candid, empowering and emotional interview that highlights what marriage really means. Adam Goodman joins the show for Courtside to talk defamation of character. Ask Barry Davis talks NL and AL balls. The First Pitch talks medal throwing. Grab your kleenex box and cheer for the former Blue Jays catcher you loved. He’d not gone. He’s being a husband. Listen On SoundCloud

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