February 4, 2018

Outta The Park Ep. 44, Feb 4, 2018 – Guests – Josh Towers, S.Preston

Digital dust ups coming your way! Josh Towers, former Blue Jays pitcher, joins OTP for ep. 44. Josh sprays flames. Seriously. Josh torches members of the MLB and has no issues making sure he’s left nothing untorched. Never in an OTP interview have we heard such widespread venom. You truly will be gobsmacked. This is pt. 1. Our members will get pt. 2. S. Preston from joins the boys from lovely Anaheim, CA. Preston takes us through his journey from a desk at Telus to being a full-time, MLB licensed, artist. He talks about drawing mascot, ballpark princesses and is truly an interesting interviewee. Adam Goodman goes Courtside regarding Michigan State. Ask Barry Davis asks one question. Its a good one and MTP gets heated about it. The First Pitch talks Barry’s cosmic effect on sports and Bautista’s visit to the T.Dot. The Fair and Foul talks the Jays front office. You’ll smile, laugh out loud, and fist pump. Josh Towers. TRUST US… Listen On SoundCloud

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