March 25, 2018

Outta The Park Ep. 51, March 25/18 – Guests – Pete Walker And Tyson Langelaar

Dusters and prairie men… This ain’t the Wild West, but its darn close. Pete Walker, moustachioed leader of the ARMory for the Toronto Blue Jays, stops by for a chat with Matt and Barry. Pete talks his battery of weapons and discusses how he keeps them in game shape mentally and physically. The OTP boys chat about Pete’s career and his ascension to pitching coach for the Jays. Tyson Langelaar, Canadian speed skater, talks about the ins and outs of speed skating and brings Barry and Matt up to speed on the different events. In typical OTP fashion, the guys have fun, and Tyson is more than willing to spar with the not so dynamic duo. Lil Osuna tee’s up the season. The winner for the Seat Giant $250 gift card is announced. Man, we’re excited. The First Pitch talks Rogers Centre renos and tickets. The Fair or Foul Poll dives into Vlady Jr. and Bichette making the big club. Almost a year old, Outta The Park is dangerously excited to be a part of your week! Listen On SoundCloud

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