April 1, 2018

Outta The Park Ep. 52, March 31, 2018 – Guests – John Gibbons, Bobby Tewksbary

OUTTA THE PARK TURNS 1! Happy birthday to the show that brought you Lil Osuna, Alana Pants, Usman Ahmed, Johnny the Batboy and many more memorable characters over the last year. In majestic asses fashion, John Gibbons joins the show to help Barry and Matt celebrate in style. John tee’s up the 2018 season, talks some of the decisions that went into the Blue Jays’ current lineup and his thought process on navigating a difficult AL East. We also talk glasses. Yeah, John talks eyewear. Bobby Tewksbary joins the show to chat about hitting and his famous clientele. Josh Donaldson and Chris Colabello are just two of Bobby’s students. Tewks fills us in on his new book, “Be a Hitter,” authored with his good friend Chris. Jays Fans Across The Globe returns to begin a tradition. The First Pitch backs up and the Fair or Foul Poll gets french. Its a party for all those that have made us a part of their week. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Listen On SoundCloud

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